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Dieser grüner Laserpointer 3000mW -Laser ist ein sehr kraftvoll, schöne Einrichtung , näher an der Licht als Laserpointer !Dieser grüne Laser-Pointer ist unsere leistungsstärkste Laser.
Sep 03 2014 · Postagem · stephanejung
Smart TVs podem ser hackeadas e até usadas para espionar; entenda como Smart TVs podem ser hackeadas e até usadas para espionar; entenda como
As Smart TVs também podem ser alvos de invasões de hackers. Especialistas em segurança de dispositivos eletrônicos participando da conferência Black Hat, na última quinta-feira (1),...
Aug 03 2013 · Postagem · Tecnologia
City Cabs
Hong Kong Car Rental# Hong Kong Airport Car Service
May 04 2013 · Postagem · CityCabs
Maybe the sophisticates can keep property next year, and let us bumpkins delight in the parades we have been enjoying for such a long time, due to the hard perform in...
Apr 13 2013 · Postagem · wallraberdy
Exclusivo: Samsung lançará Galaxy Y Duos com TV Digital no Brasil Exclusivo: Samsung lançará Galaxy Y Duos com TV Digital no Brasil
Uma fonte confiável nos revelou que a Samsung está preparando o lançamento de uma versão exclusiva do Galaxy Young DUOS para o Brasil, com TV Digital. A empresa coreana já lançou no passado um...
Apr 09 2013 · Postagem · Tecnologia
Ministro avisa que sinal de TV analógica pode ser desligado em 2015 Ministro avisa que sinal de TV analógica pode ser desligado em 2015
Em entrevista ao programa 'Bom dia, Ministro' desta quinta-feira (04), o ministro das Comunicações, Paulo Bernardo, disse que o cronograma do governo prevê o desligamento do sinal analógico de TV...
Apr 05 2013 · Postagem · Tecnologia
How Much Money Is the Zombie Meme Worth? How Much Money Is the Zombie Meme Worth?
With the season three finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday night, we know you're looking for your next zombie fill to chew on until World War Z hits theaters. Fear not, for zombies are here to...
Apr 01 2013 · Postagem · Internet
Morre em Londres ator que interpretou tio de Harry Potter Morre em Londres ator que interpretou tio de Harry Potter
O ator Richard Griffiths, que interpretou o tio de Harry Potter no cinema, morreu aos 65 anos em decorrência de complicações de saúde após uma cirurgia no coração. Griffiths teve uma longa...
Mar 31 2013 · Postagem · 2RNews
Mundo dos Famosos
Potter and Withnail actor Richard Griffiths dies Potter and Withnail actor Richard Griffiths dies
Actor Richard Griffiths, who starred in the Harry Potter films and Withnail and I, has died at the age of 65 after complications following heart surgery. Griffiths enjoyed a long career of success...
Mar 31 2013 · Postagem · Famosos
Mundo dos Famosos
Veronica Mars Kickstarter pledges $2.5 million Veronica Mars Kickstarter pledges $2.5 million
The movie campaign hit the $1 million mark in 4 hours and 24 minutes, according to Kickstarter -- overtaking the seven hour record set last week. The campaign to bring the cult TV show to the silver...
Mar 14 2013 · Postagem · Famosos
راديو نجوم اف ام
راديو نجوم اف ام
Mar 06 2013 · Postagem · nashrmoy
Hollywood comes to the tube: Sky takes on Apple with TV and movie download service aimed at commuters
Sky is set to launch a download service it claims could make the morning commute far more enjoyable. The Sky Go Extra service, which launches next week, will allow people to download films and TV...
Feb 02 2013 · Postagem · Tecnologia
LG launches first next-generation OLED 55in television
LG has launched a 55in (140cm) OLED TV - kickstarting a battle over the next-generation of high-quality screens. OLED - which means organic light-emitting diode - is more energy efficient than LCD...
Jan 03 2013 · Postagem · Tecnologia
Out of the Blue - Full HD UFO Movie - YouTube
From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever made about UFOs and was directed by celebrated filmmaker...
Dec 21 2012 · Postagem · Internet
Holy car auction! Batmobile for sale
The Batmobile used in the 1960s Batman TV series is expected to go up for auction in January, the Barrett Jackson auto auction house said Thursday. The car could sell for millions, said...
Nov 29 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
Wii U - Shigeru Miyamoto gives us a tour of Nintendo's new console
The man who made Mario has high hopes for the first of a new generation of gaming machines In 2006, Nintendo announced the Wii. Everyone laughed at the name, then everyone laughed at the crazy TV...
Nov 23 2012 · Postagem · Games
Minority Report becomes reality: New software that predicts when laws are about to be broken
Ever vigilant: All CCTV cameras can do these days is watch, but soon they could be able to predict when targets are about to break the law An artificial intelligence system that connects to...
Nov 23 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
With wish lists, givers can chip in for a costly present
With, people can join forces to buy you presents you want this holiday season. Wish lists are a dime a dozen on the Internet, but just because you say you want a $1,000 TV, that doesn't mean...
Nov 17 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
Jamming TV satellite broadcasts: Who is doing it, and how?
There has been an increase in the number of complaints about the jamming of satellite TV signals around the world. Broadcasters such as the BBC, Voice of America, France 24, Deutsche Welle and...
Nov 17 2012 · Postagem · 2RNews
The tech behind the Stratos jump
(CNN) - As high-tech reality TV goes, it's hard to top Sunday's riveting leap from the stratosphere by Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner.It took courage and skill, to be sure. But the technology...
Oct 16 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
The only $299 TV with smart apps
(CNET) - The good: The Vizio E320i-A0 32-inch LED-based LCD TV is a superb value, bringing Smart TV and solid picture quality in the same price range as many small TVs with neither. The Smart content...
Oct 01 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
Samsung Second Screen Storytellers - What is a Multi-screen Series?
Samsung and the NYTVF have launched a landmark partnered initiative providing indie producers and production companies with the opportunity to compete for a guaranteed production budget of...
Sep 03 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
LG releases world's biggest ultra-definition TV
(BBC) - What is described as the world's biggest ultra-definition (UD) TV has been released by LG Electronics. It sports an 84in (213cm) screen, smaller than a 90in model made by Sharp, but LG boasts...
Aug 22 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
Samsung quarterly profit surges amid smartphone boost
(BBC) - Samsung Electronics has reported a record quarterly profit, boosted by a surge in smartphone sales and improved margins in its TV business. Operating profit was 6.72tn won ($5.9bn; £3.8bn)...
Aug 16 2012 · Postagem · Tecnologia
Conheça a nova SMART TV da Samsung, um show de tecnologia
Conheça esta nova maravilha tecnológica da Samsung - a nova Smart TV. Essa realmente é de nos deixar maravilhados com as novas possibilidades da tecnologia. Coisas da ficção passada hoje...
Jan 20 2013 · Postagem · Tecnologia
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